Designers Tips To Lighten Up Your Dark Interiors

Designers Tips To Lighten Up Your Dark Interiors

It can be quite a challenge lightening up your dark interiors, but these designers tips will help you!

Dark interiors are a challenge to work with, especially if you don’t have an idea on how to lighten up the decor. Layering accessories, adding statement pieces, work around colorful art – these are only some of the tips to lighten your dark interiors. Let’s take a look at all the designers tips we have to make your life easier!

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Bright Art

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When it comes to art, it can certainly be one of those accessories that truly works in your favor. Dark interiors are hard to lighten up, but with bright art you can do it perfectly. Make it a statement with fresh and light colors that pop up vibrantly, making your dark rooms a bit cozier too.


The Right Suspension Lamp

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Choosing the right lighting piece is a perfect way to lighten up your dark interiors. If you choose a beautiful chandelier, it brightens up the space, especially if you pick a colorful one or a crystal chandelier that will reflect the light across the room. This is one of the best tips because it’s an important element of your decor you need to pick in mind, so why not pick the right one for your interior that will elevate the decor?



Maximalism Is Key

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You can embrace maximalism, even when it feels like it will be too much for a dark interior. Don’t worry about it, you’ll find that this specific style can really brighten up the room, especially if you go for a bold accent wall and a palette of daring hues. It can really energize a room and make it feel much brighter than it really is.

Colorful Rugs

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A large and colorful rug is an excellent solution for dark interiors, drawing in the eye and making the room feel much brighter without needing to add color to your walls or through statement pieces. It can also be used to add some personality into your decor, especially if you choose a patterned one.



Plenty Of Mirrors

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Reflective accessories or surfaces are incredible for dark interiors because it doubles the light, reflecting it across the room. Adding a mirror or two in your decor can really brighten up your home decor. Follow these tips and you can’t go wrong!

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