What Did January Look Like? Maison Et Objet Recap

To Ease Your Anxiety And That Lonely Feeling, We’re Recapping Some Of Maison Objet Best Moments back in January!

Everything that’s good, suddenly comes to an end, and Maison et Objet January was no exception! However, the big event is back at it and we are going to be there! Let’s do a quick recap of the best Maison et Objet 2018 moments and let’s make some brand new memories in September! I mean, it’s not living in the past, it’s just cheering the good moments!


What Did January Look Like Maison Et Objet Recap

Tom Dixon, one of the most acclaimed interior designers in London, has once again, made an appearance at Maison et Objet January with his very own signature collection of lighting designs, accessories, and furniture. This year, the outstanding artist presented a new collection named Abstract.

The stand located on Hall 7 Stand A41 really caught the eye of the visitors to the color combinations and the ennoblement of the traditional and ancient craftsmanship.


What Did January Look Like Maison Et Objet Recap 2

Seletti is an outrageous Italian brand leaning heavily towards pop art and all its incredible designs and statements. This brand was established in 1964 and is original from Mantova, but its unusual vision and thirst for originality and bold design, allowed this brand to be recognized all over the World.

Their M&O stands always generate a huge buzz among visitors and are a tremendous success on social networks, due to their color combinations and attention-grabbing designs that always look the perfect choice for your house design.

This year they’ve presented the Seletti Wears Toiletpaper and it was .. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

What Did January Look Like Maison Et Objet Recap 3

DelightFULL and Essential Home, your 2 mid-century modern favorite brands of all times, walked the Salon Maison et Objet together and killed it as if they were Naomi Campbell at a Fashion Week’s runway show!

The mid-century modern lighting brand presented some of her so awaited novelties but honored its roots by bringing in some of DelightFULL’s best sellers, to join the trendiest party of all.

What Did January Look Like Maison Et Objet Recap 4

DelightFULL stand was one of the biggest attractions in January and we are super excited to see what September will look like, what about you?

What Did January Look Like Maison Et Objet Recap 5

AP Collection is a top-end exclusive art design concept brand born in the bosom of love between Alex and Pauline. The history behind this brand is almost as cute as the chairs with stuffed animals they produce, it’s a cuteness explosion!
They started to be known worldwide with their Flamingo stuffed animal chair in the year when flamingos and pink were the only 2 things that mattered. Oh and unicorns, those are a safe bet too!

In January, at Maison et Objet, this fluffy brand delighted the visitor with a seal stuffed animal chair, so cute it was able to pluck the “ohh” out of everyone you surpassed this stand!

What Did January Look Like Maison Et Objet Recap 6

Another thing we’re hoping you haven’t missed at is the super welcoming and luxurious Covet Lounge from Covet Group! This closed stand resembled a showroom and made the delights of every visitor who wished to rest for a little while and perhaps, grab a bite to eat!

If you’ve missed it, take a look below and fall in love! You have a second chance to see it live in September!


We hope you enjoyed today’s article with a little through back to January to Maison et Objet 2018! Are you inspired by this amazing interior design ideas? Let us know your thoughts, needs, and wishes and leave a comment. You can find more inspiration and information about interior design, DIY ideas, and events in the other articles on home design ideas.

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