Discover The Best Design Projects In Istanbul

Discover The Best Design Projects In Istanbul

These are the best design projects in Istanbul you need to know about!

Dive into a world of inspiration with some of the best top designers and architects we know about. We’re going on a journey to discover the best interior designers in Istanbul to get to know all the inspiration you need for next year!

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Coral Meets Gold in a Luxury Kitchen

Discover The Best Design Projects In Istanbul

Discover The Best Design Projects In Istanbul

The worldwide recognized company founded in 1987, WUX Luxury Furniture,  provides unique high quality designs, highly detailed and also luxury  furniture. The company has a vast experience in national and international  projects, providing their services to hotels, villas, and o ces. When searching for unique hardware details for a new project, WUX  Luxury Furniture and PullCast Jewelry Hardware paths were united, creating  together a luxury and unique kitchen design. Together the brands created a high-end experience thoroughly tailored to the exact requirements of  their clients.

Emaar Residence Ma House by Atolye Teta

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This 4Br2Ba Project is located in the Emaar Residence in Istanbul. In this project, they’ve worked as Interior Decoration, Style and Accessories Consultants. They chose luxurious art pieces, decorative elements and complimentary products per the client’s needs and likes. They bought products with their client when they shopped together from different shops all over Istanbul.

Nakkaştepe Sitesinde bir villa by AYKUTHALL

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The villa located with a view of bosphorus has been decorated with transparent elements to get the open space feeling from outside.The level differences has played a great role in functionning the living space and they chose the fireplace & mezannine area as the focus point of the living room. They had a two flat height in this area which allowed them to locate a giant 3m wide oval chandelier-a great chance to double the amount of sunlight coming from long and narrow windows.The design colors has been white, salmon, soft pinks with custom design furniture collection of Interior Designer Leyla Doğrular.

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YENİKÖY MANSION by Boyman Arslan Architects

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Boyman Arslan is an innovative office established in Budva Montenegro in 2018. One of the priorities of their office is to support and sustain social as well as urban values by generating special designs and studies in the fields of architecture, interior architecture and urban development. In this residential projects they brought together neutrals, wood and stunning lighting in an open space that feels both modern and classic.

Cekmekoy House by Elif Arslan Interiors

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This was Elif Arslan Interiors’ special project, for a wonderful couple of clients who were expecting a baby. They worked enthusiastically with them to create an entrance, living room, dining room, bathroom and nursery room that are designed to be calm and playful, and in which strong bolts of color combine with more timeless, faded tones. They wanted a home that was family-focused but also has luxury touches enough to entertain and host friends. Elif Arslan Interiors blended the more classical design of the main house with connecting contemporary approaches.

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