Discover Studiolada’s Sustainable Open Source House

This open source house was made in all wood and the best part is: It’s affordable and anyone can build it! The French firm Studiolada Architect is one of a kind. In order to make a sustainable and relieve the superfluous and disposable practices, this firm unveiled its first open-source house in Baccarat, France.

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This sustainable house is just over 1,200 feet and includes a separate garage. As you can see, this design project is a sight for sore eyes. Made to be excellent, affordable and sustainable this is the proof that sustainable design is here to stay.

Discover Studiolada’s Sustainable Open Source House

With a lot of open spaces, this sustainable house was made to be as cost effective and energy-efficient as possible. The open layout includes the living room that opens up to a spacious terrace and private and gracious yard.

Discover Studiolada’s Sustainable Open Source House

Sustainable materials such as cellulose wadding and wood fibers were even used to insulate the home.

Discover Studiolada’s Sustainable Open Source House

Using concrete with wood panels supporting it, this home interior design is covered in wood from floors to ceilings.

The wood panels create a clean, minimalist interior that is both homey and inviting to anyone. Large glass doors and panel provide an optimal natural light to the interior and connects the home to its natural surroundings.

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