Discover Why You Must Visit NYC's New Luxury Design Stagging Project

Discover Why You Must Visit NYC’s New Luxury Design Stagging Project

NYC’s new luxury design stagging project is back to present you with the latest version of Covet NYC 2.0. This project will be located at the epicentre of Big Apple  NYC. 


NYC’s new luxury design showroom will feature the best 12 top luxury design brands and our favourite duo DelightFull and Essential Home will bring a trendy mid-century modern design touch to the project.

Written by: Carmen Silva


Best Of Delightfull


The design of NYC’s new luxury design stagging project was selected, designed and composed by Robert Rincon. This interior design expert was the thinker behind the fabulous combination of our extravagant furniture, lighting, and accessories from the world’s most coveted luxury brands. His project brought to our high-quality pieces, made by the finest craftmanship artisans in Portugal, an extra luxury and unforgettable ambience to NYC’s new luxury design stagging project.

Discover Why You Must Visit NYC's New Luxury Design Showroom

“The renovation of Covet NYC was a wonderful challenge, but very rewarding at the end. It is so much more than a luxury design showroom. It is a show flat designed to make visitors feel that they are at a real home – a luxurious, modern and sophisticated home”, – Robert Rincon to the Coveted Magazine team.


The new edition of NYC’s new luxury design stagging project promises to present the most inspiring and trendy mid-century design combinations of furniture, accessories and lighting pieces.

According to Robert Rincon, the showroom will bring a vast selection of mid-century modern pieces– all of them known by their diversity.  Therefore, you will have the chance to meet our breathtaking composition of pieces, all of them in different colours, materials, styles, shapes, and patterns.

DelightFULL Classic Blue
It’s time for you to get to know our DelightFULL’s selected pieces for NYC’s new luxury design stagging project.


Coltrane Suspension Light is one of our bestsellers. This mid-century modern lighting piece brings innovation to your home decor and has the perfect fit for industrial and modern decor styles.

Discover Why You Must Visit NYC's New Luxury Design Showroom


Turner lighting piece is inspired by Tina Turner’s electrifying dance moves. This piece will fit perfectly next to a mid-century living room decor.

Discover Why You Must Visit NYC's New Luxury Design Showroom



Essential Home will be at NYC’s luxury design stagging project presenting us with the best vintage furniture twist inspired by the ’70s with premium curated furniture pieces. It’s the perfect mix between mid-century modern design furniture, lighting and accessories.


Now meet Essential Home‘s selected vintage twist pieces for NYC’s new luxury design stagging project.


Loren Armchair

Loren Armchair is inspired by the mid-century retro designs. This piece features a simple and sophisticated design.

Discover Why You Must Visit NYC's New Luxury Design Showroom

Diamond Big Mirror 

Diamond Big Mirror is a full-length version of the diamond-shaped mirror. It is also inspired by the asymmetrical and dazzling shapes of a Diamond Rock.

Discover Why You Must Visit NYC's New Luxury Design Showroom


Botti is an elegant side table designed in an attractive hourglass shape and finely produced in gold platted brass, accented by a glossy black detail on the middle.

Discover Why You Must Visit NYC's New Luxury Design Showroom

Miranda Pineapple

Miranda Pineapple is a fanciful and gold-coloured pineapple table lamp. This modern table lamp conveys a sense of hospitality.

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