Do you want a low cost home? Check this one!

Today, at Home Design Ideas, I will share with you some images that i found at Home Designing! You will see one of the most cool and affordable homes out there! Located in Thailand, this low cost home was designed by Hajjar Gibran and the overall projects costed around 9000$! 6000$ for the structure and 3000$ for the furnishings, stonework, doors and landscaping.

"Do you want a low cost home? Check this one!"


“The affordable dome home offers a strong, attractive and fun housing solution; it was built using time-efficient cement blocks and clay bricks, as suitable compressed earth blocks were not available at the time of construction. Hajjar Gibran recently built a compressed earth brick press for future quick and sustainable builds, and is also developing a new system for building with cellular concrete to offer better insulation for colder climates. ”

"Do you want a low cost home? Check this one!"


As you can see this is a beautifully looking low cost home that proves that with is possible to have a pleasant looking house even without spending  a ton of money!

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Source: Home Designing