Fashion Week NY vs Paris Fashion Week

Fashion Week New York is over, but now we are like crazy waiting for Paris. Stylight (yes, the online store) attempts to compare the two events with this cool project I will talk about.

feat NY Paris fashion week

Inspired by the work of Vahram Muratyan, that has developed some funny Paris VS New York series before, Stylight team just rocked it! Let’s find out some of the differences between two of the most prestigious fashion weeks in the world? I loved this work and if you are a fashion addict, you will feel identified with this images of Fashion Week NY and Paris Fashion Week. Enjoy and leave us your comments. 🙂

NYFW vs PFW 10 NYFW vs PFW 8 NYFW vs PFW 6 NYFW vs PFW 9 NYFW vs PFW 5 NYFW vs PFW 4 NYFW vs PFW 3 NYFW vs PFW 2 NYFW vs PFW 1

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