festive lights: how to prepare your New year Eve party

The capacity of plan something with no habitual routines can provide you an unforgettable  New year Eve party! We have some advices for you in order to you have an amazing New year Eve! So, follow the next steps:

1-Create a festive spirit!
Don`t ask your guests to start dropping in before 10p.m. You don`T want that their festive spirits disappear before the countdown begins!

2-Add some noise on it!
Of course we are not telling you to use tiaras, noisemakers or something like that, but your guests will appreciate festivities prepared by you. Remember: it is not a children`s party but it can still be fun!

3-Think about the food!
Offer several hors dòeuvres which can be made by you is a good idea. It is a good way to surprise your guests and show them your habilities.

4- Be more child than your kids!
If you have a videogame system, you can use it! We think all your guests will love that! From Buzz to Guitar Hero games, people will be fighting for the microphone and it can be a memorable karaoke!

5- Decor should be a priority!
At last but not less important you need to think about the décor! Put away the red and green and use tinsel and glitter. On the other hand, don`t forget the festive lights, it will add glamour and a good taste of décor to your party! Yes, we can guess what you are thinking. What we said before is perfectly able to be imagined. But do you need some ideas of festive lights right? We will help you providing some images:

bubble chandelier inspiracoes-no-pinterest-146319_w1000 letter-neon-graphic-lamp-06a New year Eve party

Then, start the countdown! Start saying out loud the numbers with everybody and… have fun!
And, why not serve a brunch after midnight? Think, you can give them small servings of food that will be a fresh new for all of them!