FFWD Arquitectes The Barcelona’s Design Studio You Can’t Miss

We all recognize Barcelona is a city of art, good design and fantastic architecture. Also, is the hub for great architecture and interior design studios.  Today let us introduce you to one of the most exciting companies in town: FFWD Arquitectes.


FFWD Arquitectes The Barcelona's Design Studio You Can't Miss
FFWD Arquitectes The Barcelona’s Design Studio You Can’t Miss

FFWD was founded by Laia Guardiola and David Benito Cortázar after meeting in 1999 while graduating at ETSAB, School of Architecture of Barcelona. Both of them are architecture and design enthusiasts, interested in all kinds of disciplines related to creativity, environments and space. They work together since 2002 and all these years, their work has been recognized with several awards inside and outside Spanish borders.

Nowadays the team is also composed by Adrián Muñoz Galvez and Juana García García.

This young and innovative studio has all kind of projects! From offices and open spaces – like the one you can see at the previous image – to elegant hotel restaurants, they are versatile and dynamic, being able to offer and attend all kinds of clients.


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Also, they work with residential projects. With their creativity and technical knowledge, the next projects are proof of their talent to turn your dreams into reality.

Minimal and fresh, the previous house reflects a lot of their work in Barcelona (where they are based and essentially work). But they also can build…

…elegant and discreet areas as this cosy living room in Cataluña. Here, lighting can be the secret!

From inside…

… to outside, you can trust their creativity! This team will always build a bridge between stylish, happy and unique designs and comfortable and functional projects.

Take a look at this cute and organized baby room! How happy this kid will be? This is a real creativity stimulation… because, at the end of the day, FFWD look at their projects as more than spaces. A project is part of your life!


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