Five fantastic apartment designs that you really have to see!

There’s some people that think that apartment designs is just little boxes to live, but not all of us agree with that. Some apartments are amazing, great looking designs both inside and out. Today we focus on the interior design. The next five interior decorations were selected by “Home Designing” and “Home Design Ideas” will share them with you.

These are five luxury homes that will amaze you and maybe give some decor ideas for your own apartment.

 Designed by Arhform Architectural Studio, this apartment is predominantly white but the decor still has a nice and warm feel. The wood floor and the soft and fuzzy looking rug really give a comfortable appeal to the space. The wood and the black elements of the area create a nice color scheme where everything seems to blend.

Fantastic apartments: Black & white dining suiteWood also has an important presence  in the interior design of this apartment. It’s an open and fresh looking apartment that really has some charm. It’s a luxury place made for people with really good taste.

Fantastic apartment designs: Banquette-seatingIn Leeds, UK,  there’s a lot of great looking and luxurious apartments and this is one of them. This fantastic house has a sofa designed by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia and ceiling lights from Giovanni Sforza Home luxury Collection. This seems like a really amazing place to sit and relax.

Fantastic apartment designs : luxury houseThe next house in designed by Chang Zhuo. It’s an amazing place with a nice color combination. It’s a vibrant and dynamic place that has a very unique decor.

Fantastic apartment designs: Entertainment-wallFinally we have a modern looking apartment that has wood as its central material. This place has a wood floor and every furniture in the house was made to combine with it. It seems like a comfortable house with a warm and welcoming interior decoration

Fantastic apartment designs: Bar stoolsThese are five apartment designs that you really have to see. They are luxurious, comfortable and welcoming without having too much stuff in the rooms. They’re a nice example for you to follow. You can create a great looking space without too much clutter. Simplicity is a rule you have to have in mind.

Enjoy your decor!

Sources: Home Designing