Floral Home Decor in the Heart of London

Floral Home Decor in the Heart of London

Astounding inspiration in this iconic attraction in the city of innovation!

In the heart of one of the most charming and multicultural cities in the world, a design team has built a new interior bedroom design in one of the most widely known attraction. With stunning floral home decor, you can’t help but feel a little bit of curiosity.

What are you waiting for? Come and check it out…

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Floral Home Decor in the Heart of London 1

The pod of this iconic building turned into an amazing interior design project was suspended the top of the London Eye’s rotation overnight. The sweeping views of Big Ben, St Paul’s, Tower Bridge, and other iconic London sights make the delight of all the guests.

Floral Home Decor in the Heart of London 2

Following in the footsteps of Airbnb’s unique temporary pop-up residences, TripAdvisor Rentals and Wayfair collaborated to convert one of the London Eye’s ferris wheel into a tiny luxury penthouse. This luxurious penthouse design was meant for a contest, the winning prize was for two people.

Floral Home Decor in the Heart of London 3

The epic ferris wheel capsule was turned into an amazing greenery of tropical plants. From every part of this tiny apartment, tropical plants are all you can see and sense. The chic urban style used just adds up so well with the printing wore on the ceiling.

With stunning decor details, such as the brass trend 2017 – that is here to stay! – , the geometric printing and the centred double bed combined with the multicoloured rugs just make the pod an amazing place to sleep in.

Floral Home Decor in the Heart of London 4

With this kind of view, who wouldn’t want to spend night?

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