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For A Trendy Hotel: The Perfect Mid-Century Style Lighting Ideas

You don’t know how to finish your project? Then this is for you!

Do you want to refresh the style of your hotel but you don’t know where to start from? Here you will find our mid-century style lighting ideas. Read them and let be inspired by interior modern design. Discover the mid-century world and your hotel will look trendy and elegant as never before!


Let’s start our tour of lighting ideas in the interior design world from the entrance of a hotel. Imagine you are entering a mid-century hotel and you are welcomed by a soft and embracing light.

For A Trendy Hotel The Perfect Mid-Century Style Lighting Ideas mid-century style lighting ideas

Botti is the perfect represents the modern lighting ideas to make your guests feel comfortable when they first enter the hall of the hotel. This mid-century table lamp reminds to a classical trumpet. Actually, its shape resembles a flourishing bouquet made by gold-plated finish trumpets. This unique lamp is handmade. It is a vintage jazz choice that definitely changes a traditional entrance in a whole jazz experience!

Entering the room you cannot miss a very classical choice for interior modern by the American jazz artist Miles Davis, this lamp is one of DelightFULL best mid-century lighting ideas.


For A Trendy Hotel The Perfect Mid-Century Style Lighting Ideas 2 mid-century style lighting ideas

This lamp will add a touch of elegance and jazz to your hotel rooms. The black floor lamp has a vintage style that will create a welcoming atmosphere in an interior modern design bedroom or living space. Miles is a marvelous combination of a gold-plated frame and a black marble portoro base. Its elegance is given by the matte black finish and a structure 100% handmade in brass. Just turn Miles on using its gold pendant switch and you will feel all the jazz atmosphere.

For A Trendy Hotel The Perfect Mid-Century Style Lighting Ideas 2 Mid-Century Style

Walking in the hallway you can’t look at Brubeck! An elegant and vintage solution in order to make guests feel relaxed by this modern design solution. For the bathroom and the wellness room, let be inspired by our mid-century style Galliano Lamp.

For A Trendy Hotel The Perfect Mid-Century Style Lighting Ideas 4 Mid-Century Style

This is one of our most famous home design ideas: Galliano is a special modern wall lamp with a minimalist style. Made of iron with a matte black exterior and a gold powder paint interior finishing, this lamp produces a unique lighting effect, extremely relaxing. You can have its finishes customized as well as the number of its tubes that can go up to 3. It is the lighting idea that can perfectly fit in a bathroom or wellness room wall lighting.

For A Trendy Hotel The Perfect Mid-Century Style Lighting Ideas 5 Mid-Century Style

For your living room hotel, our mid-century style proposal is Hanna Chandelier. This modern lighting design is made in brass and aluminum with gold plated and white matte shades. This white chandelier is the perfect mid-century style lighting option in which vintage and industrial decors are equilibrated. The gold plated finishes will add a luxurious and elegant atmosphere during breakfast and the other meals.

For A Trendy Hotel The Perfect Mid-Century Style Lighting Ideas 6

In the end, to finish this tour experience you should go upstairs to enjoy a totally new and completely modern terrace thanks to external graphics. Here we propose the Letter E, made by 23 bulbs and by the blue neon outline.

Fun and bright, this mid-century style lamp will bring life to your external places, terraces, and gardens. With a height of 1 meter, it is ideal too but positioned on the ground or on the wall: it will look great!

Choose the ones will better fit in your hotel spaces and you will make your guests living an unforgettable mid-century style experience! 


We hope you enjoyed this article about Mid-Century Style! What do you think? Let us know your thoughts, needs, and wishes and leave a comment. You can find more inspiration and information about interior design, DIY ideas, and event the other articles on home design ideas.