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There’s a company where design is the meaning: Gensler. Where the starting points are goals, strategies and expectations and where design is transformative. Among all the services that this company provides (architecture, planning and urban design, product design, sustainability, consulting and brand design), Interior Design is our thing and it’s about this that we want to talk about.


Gensler's shangai's tallest tower


Gensler designs interior spaces for living and working. Interior performances can be measured in human and organizational terms. To hit the mark means to design not just something that is of great visual impact, but to designs also that is important in terms of health, comfort, flexibility and use. That’s why Gensler designers work collaboratively and strategically to deliver innovation, quality, and sustainable performance and that’s why their projects are international in scope and range from offices to stores, academic and civic buildings, convention centers, as well as entertainment and cultural venues.

Technology is the secret for Genders’ success. “Some companies like campuses to get people under one roof; others prefer towers to attract talent. Tech likes metrics. It’s questioning how buildings work, which means rethinking their performance”, we can read at the website. Let’s see two of the best Gensler Projects.

Facebook Seattle
Seattle, Washingtonfacebook seattle

“The challenge for the tech titan’s Seattle office was creating a user-defined space that could adapt to constant change while still expressing the company’s spirit and values. The answer came through a free-form space with employee-controlled workspaces and the use of basic, non-pretentious materials. Interior walls are blank canvases for employees to use as they see fit. A range of spaces from a micro-kitchen and pop-ups to cozy rooms and chill areas accommodate a variety of working styles. To minimize demolition and maximize sustainability, many items were repurposed or reused, including doors, walls, glass and exposed ceilings.”

San Francisco, California, and Budapest, Hungaryprezi office
Boca do Lobo

“This innovative presentation company recently signed leases for a short-term space in San Francisco and a longer-term one in Budapest in a historic building with an unusual floor plan. For both, Prezi sought a branded workplace design reflecting its culture while considering the constraints of the two spaces. The design effort began in Hungary, where Gensler worked in concert with Prezi staff to develop conceptual ideas and aspirational design guidelines, which were provided to their architect in Hungary and brought back to San Francisco. Despite the differences, a cohesive design is expressed in both spaces, with the San Francisco office’s materials moveable when the lease expires.”

Now you know one of the best Interior Design Studios in the world. Visit Gensler’s Website and get to know their amazing and technological universe. Enjoy!


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