Get The Best Out Of A Small Space

Sadly for the most of us, we don’t live in an enormous castle – we have a small space in which we have to fit everything in the world. If you live in an apartment or just in a small (but cozy) house, this article is for you.

Home Design Ideas found some tips that you can use to turn your small space into a functional, fresher and more beautiful room.

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Let’s start with the beginning, of course.

1 – Look at your room – The first step is to realize what’s wrong in it. If you can’t see the floor or even a little bit of the wall… it’s time to get rid of all that “junk”. Try to move some furniture from one room to another. If your house is too cluttered, well… It’s time to sell some things.

Whether it’s in the kitchen, living room or bedroom, decide which objects you want to keep. If you start clearing everything that you don’t use or just don’t like anymore, you’ll end up with a more open and fresher place.

small space

2 – Maximize space – If you’re buying new furniture, do all the measuring before you go shopping. Planning is vital. Avoid getting curved furniture as it usually takes up more space and diminishes your walking area.

One thing that you should do is to buy multi purposed furniture. Getting an armoire that can store your clothes and handle a TV set is the perfect thing. And why not use a desk as a dining table?

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A piece of furniture that has more functions will make your room feel more spacious.

Remember: sometimes less is more.

small space

3- Use light yet vibrant colors – A room with a dark tone will look heavier and fuller. Your ceiling and walls must be painted in softer tones. Leave the dark for the accessories. A nice contrast will give your place a more vibrant mood. A kid’s room is perfect to play with colors.

small space

4- Storage is key. You have a lot of things but you don’t have the space? Well.. think outside the box. Some places in our houses can be used to keep things. If you have some empty room beneath the stairs, why not remodeled it to have some shelves?

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Under the bed isn’t a space just for monsters, as your kids might think. Use it to keep some objects that you don’t use quite often.

You can even buy some decorative baskets that can be used to style your home and as storage.

small space

5 – The bedroom – The most important thing in a bedroom is… yes, you guessed it… the bed. Scale your room by the size of it. Having a huge bed might feel comfortable when you’re sleeping, but not having much walking space is absolutely dreadful. Believe me.

If you downsize the bed and scale the objects to its size, you’ll end up with a cozier bedroom.

small space

Having a small house isn’t so bad when you decorate it in the right way. It’s vital to decide what you want to do with a certain room. Then just have fun styling it. If you have these tips in mind you’ll have a fresher, vibrant, open and super cozy room.


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Images: AvanesovaHome Design Info, Office Home Design