Handmade Bedroom Chandeliers

Since we found you really love chandeliers, we decided to write a post about this subject. But we are talking about special pieces, since they are handmade and proper to use in you bedroom, the place where you rest and allow your mind to be free. So let’s see some of your dream’s handmade bedroom chandeliers.

Here we have this gorgeous suspension lighting, handmade in Australia. This wooded piece is perfect for vintage or eclectic spaces. Transform your bedroom into a romantic space.

Handmade Bedroom Chandeliers1

By Sandro Santantonio, a Italian designer, the Handmade lamp. That’s right, this is a trick, because this modern lighting piece is only named “handmade”. It is made of fiberglass, and could be used in interiors or outdoors. You choose.

Handmade Bedroom Chandeliers 2

Now, a black chandelier. This piece is so industrial and modern. This handmade lamp was inspired by the harbour of Rotterdam, and it is adjustable in height with a pulley system. Perfect for modern or eclectic bedrooms. Be risky. Be cool!

Handmade Bedroom Chandeliers 3

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Another example. Usually, handmade suspension lamps can be customized. You can choose the shape, the texture, the pattern, etc. This one was made by ceramic design studios. Another modern option for contemporary bedrooms. You can combine it with vintage foot lamps, for instance.

Handmade Bedroom Chandeliers 4

Give some color to your home. This handmade lampshades, from a pair of graphic designers, are lovely. You need to have a happy bedroom. So, you really need this lamps, don’t you agree?

Handmade Bedroom Chandeliers 5

Well, these are our suggestions. If you are looking for something cheaper, try to be inspired by this pieces and make your own DIY lamps. We know you are capable of incredible things. You will see!

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