Happy 56th Birthday Barbie!

Hi there!

Today is the official birthday of the most loved doll in the world. Barbie turns 56 today and we want you to celebrate with us this special date for every little girl (and not so little at all!)


Barbie has changed the lives of girls (and boys) everywhere in the world, making them feel unique by bringing Barbie to life in her own way and creating all kinds of good memories. I’m sure you all remeber the afternoons playing alone or with friends just letting your imagination and dreams fly with the fantasy of Barbie’s world.


And for nearly three generations Barbie has also been an anchor for positive social development and helped giving expression to a young developing personality. Look at all the Barbie’s that Mattel has produced. Have you ever seen one from Prom Queen to Paleontologist that doesn’t have some kind of empowering message? No.


And, yes, Barbie is supposed to be pretty. Kids like pretty! Kids just don’t fantasize about being sick or ugly or “real” from an adult perspective. Every 6-year-old don’t want or need a doll that looks exactly like them; they want a doll that resonates with their hearts.

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Happy birthday Barbie! And we wish you a wonderful life making part of every girls and boys childhood and imagination!




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