Home decor predictions for 2014

Home Design Ideashas been presenting to you some home decor predictions for 2014. We already revealed to you what will be next year’s kitchen trends (click HERE) and the architecture trends for 2014 (click HERE to read them). Now it’s time to find more home decor predictions for 2014, this time given by top interior designers.

If you are the kind of person who loves to be fashionable and to follow the latest trends read on. “Home Design Ideas” will share with you some home decor that will be very popular in 2014.

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

“For 2014, I see a strong influence of bold, saturated color, like saffron, which conjures a real tropical vibe, yet works just as well to brighten a classic interior. The 18th-century craft of mixing inks to create Venetian marble papers is also becoming a design must-have, adding style to boxes, carpets, dinnerware and wall coverings.”

Kishani Perera

“I see clean lines being combined with decadent materials such as marble, rich woods, colorful textiles and beautiful finishes to add warmth and interest. Although more ornate shapes will always have a place in design, 2014 is all about keeping the silhouettes simple and unadorned!”

Erinn Valencich

“Rose gold is going to be a big trend this coming year. And neon colors will be used as fun accents in accessories, as well as matte vibrant blue and red.”

Cortney Bishop

“There will be more emphasis on juxtaposing styles, playful takes on classic silhouettes and a deepening pride in local craftsmen and artists.” (This new breed furniture piece epitomizes the idea—it was inspired by French 20th-century furniture design and can be custom painted to suit your space.)

"Home decor predictions for 2014" Home decorSOHO sideboard by Boca do Lobo


Timothy Corrigan

“We will see more organic, floral prints and less geometric patterns. There will be brighter, clearer colors used in the design. Greige is over.”

 Nancy Soriano

“People will to continue to embrace the demand and creation of small-batch, artisanal products. We will see more quality handcrafted products for the home through e-commerce sites, pop-up stores and traditional brick-and-mortar. People want to support local designers and makers. These products have real stories and unique designs. Plus, artisan products are a great way to mix in an unexpected component to your home.”

Betsy Burnham

“Macramé wall hangings are a cool alternative to large-scale art or textile wall hangings. Rattan looks fabulous in this mix, as well, since it’s textural and organic and a chic alternative to wood or upholstered pieces.”

Trina Turk,

“Blue is going to have its much-deserved moment in the spotlight. There are so many beautiful shades—cobalt, cerulean, turquoise, navy, marine—and I’m especially loving Indigo. It looks so fresh paired with white or ivory and has universal appeal.”

"Home Decor predictions for 2014" Home decorBlue will be highly used in 2014

Mary McDonald,

“I predict the continued ‘deconstructionist’ Mad Max look will still be forging ahead with every form of raw galvanized metals, bolts, screws and exposed bulbs leading the way. In conjunction with this, I see the angular forms of the ’80s, sleek, more contemporary pieces made of glass, Lucite, and various man-made materials with shinier brass hardware.”

Ron Woodson

“Specialty cocktails are in vogue and people are enjoying their homes and entertaining more. Expect to see more bar carts, barware and actual bars in homes in the coming year.” (Woodson’s bar favorites? The jazz-inspired Adage line of crystal barware from Hermès  and the lacquer-finished bars from Maitland Smith.)

Ruthie Sommers,

“I think getting back to the basics, for example making the baby’s room look like baby’s rooms, is super-cool. Super-cool is also not following a trend—but doing what you love in your home regardless of the trend.”

"Home Decor predictions for 2014" Home decorBaby’s room decor idea

These are some home predictions for 2014 revealed by top interior designers. Even if you love to follow every trend, remember that the important thing is to create a space that you really love. Enjoy your decor.

Source: MSN.com

Images: Boca do Lobo, COCOCOZY, Best Design Projects