10 home design ideas by Alberto Pinto (10)

10 home design ideas by Alberto Pinto

This time Home Design Ideas is going to show you some inspirations by the French interior designer Alberto Pinto. He has his own home collection, complete with furniture, tableware, table linen, and home accessories. Alberto Pinto was born in Casablanca to Argentine parents and was surrounded with diverse cultures. A little boy attended “Ecole de Louvre” in Paris and then moved to New York. After having attended the “Ecole de Louvre” in Paris, he created a photography agency in New York (USA) specializing in decoration and interior design. uring these shoots in Mexico, England, Italie or India that he acquired his taste for design, the sense of volumes and the game of colors. All these elements become decisive for the rest of his career.


10 home design ideas by A Pinto