Home Tour_ Celebrity Home Tours To Get Ideas Of!

Home Tour: Celebrity Home Tours To Get Ideas Of!

Time to get your home design feeling like a star with these celebrity homes!

Today we’re going to get inspired by this stunning celebrity homes. From penthouses to lofts, this celebrity home tours only have one thing in common: style. If you were looking for that special touch to get into your modern home interior design, you’ve come to the right place! So, don’t waste your time and get reading!

THE STAR OF THE HOMEHome Design Ideas: 6 Classy Celebrity Homes That Will Inspire You

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Let’s start with the outdoors, America’s sweetheart and one of our favourites stars, Jenniffer Aniston has brought a relaxed and calm environment to this 1970’s residence in Beverly Hills. A wooden deck with stunning views, you can apply this home design into your own with simple tips.

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Second Stop: Tyra Bank’s Beverly Hills residence features a calm and serene look for the most relaxing of times. One of the fashion icons of the world has stunning pillows adorning the living room layout only add charm to the place.

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Third Stop on this unstoppable train:  an artists room. We’ve always dreamt of a perfect space where we can let our inspiration run free, so why not have a few tips from the one and only Christie Brinkley? The detached studio filled with natural light and plenty of space will only benefit your home and health.

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Now, in this industrial loft style, we have classic features. Simple, homely and stylish Gerard Butlers New York industrial loft only makes you want to have the brown-ish tones all over the place! This stunning office will only make you want to transform your home office design into something entirely new!

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An A-lister in Hollywood, Jessica Chastain’s New York apartment will certainly give your dining room design a new life. Rustic wood chairs are one of the trends of 2018 so why not take the hint and get it for your home?

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Last stop: a large master suite. This one is our fan favourite for sure. Plenty of natural light, stunning views and the best yet: plenty of space! This stunning suite nestled in Beverly Hills belongs to Jackie Collins. Get your space uncluttered and you’ll get the bedroom design ideas to fit all this!

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