How to accessorise your real wood flooring

Sophisticated, stylish and made to last, solid wood flooring is a fantastic investment for any homeowner to make. Offering a timeless aesthetic that looks great with any existing decor, wood flooring can be the making of a property, but there are a number of ways you can make it look even better.

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Add a splash of life

What could go better with the natural look of wood flooring than some stunning plant life? The lush green of leaves will go perfectly with the brown shades of a wood floor, while you can also purchase a wide variety of great looking planters and pots to compliment the overriding decor of the room.

modern-luxury-living-room-design-ideas wood flooring

Add a touch of colour

No, we don’t mean painting your floor, but rather adding a rug to an area of the wood floor to give it an extra splash of colour.

A large area of empty floor space may look slightly abandoned without an accessory, and a well-designed rug that is in keeping with the rest of room can be the perfect addition.


Add a dash of light

With the right finish, a solid wood floor can light up any home, but to really get the most out of it, you need to ensure you have the ideal level of illumination. A floor lamp can help to display your wood flooring in all its glory, allowing the sleek surface to reflect the light around the rest of the room.

It can even help you to save a bit of money by ensuring you only need one lamp to be on during the evening!


Add a hint of creativity

As well as the typical accessories that you’d expect to find accentuating a real wood floor there is also a range of product on offer that you may not have thought of.

For example, you can purchase a variety of unique and creative door stops or draught excluders that can add some colour and/or creativity to the room.

A real wood flooring is undoubtedly one of the most stylish and durable solutions you can opt for as a homeowner, and by implementing the right accessories you can create a space that is to die for.

There is a massive range of solid, engineered and laminate flooring available at the Timber Floor Warehouse – the hardest part is just choosing which one is perfect for your home.

modern-luxury-living-room-design-ideas-2013 wood flooring

John Rooney is a homeowner who recently invested in a solid wood flooring from the Timber Floor Warehouse – specialist stockists of a huge range of flooring solutions.
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