How to create the perfect outdoor living room

Summer is here. This is the time of the year that doesn’t come early enough. The warm weather and the beautiful landscapes full of life and color really brings another pleasure to the season. It’s that time of the year that we want to spend as much time in outdoor living room, doing whatever we can to enjoy life!

There are some things that almost everyone loves to do in the summer: relaxing in the garden and maybe doing a barbecue with your friends and family. These are some summer pleasures that we must enjoy!

I have been reveling to you how you can make your home a more stylish, comfortable and cozy place for the summer and today i’m going to share with you some tips on how to create the perfect outdoor living room!

I found these tips at and they are really great!

Check these easy steps you must follow to create the perfect outdoor entertainment room!

First things first: Define your space

You must select the space that will be your open air living room. You must group the outdoor furniture just like you would inside, in conversation areas so the space feels like it has a defined purpose. If you want to give an extra style to your outdoor living room you can include accessories like rugs and curtains!

How to create the perfect outdoor living room
Modern contemporary outdoor living room

Focus on landscaping

If you don’t have the money to hire a professional landscape designer you can simply “just pick one or two quality pots” and fill them with lush plants in colors and textures that coordinate with your outdoor décor. The goal is to create a space that draws you outside.”

How to create the perfect outdoor living room
Stylish open air living room

Spend on furniture

The key to have an astonishing and comfortable outdoor living room is the same as an inside living room: the furniture. To get the stylish, coziest and beautiful open air living room you must spend the majority of your budget on furniture. Be careful: pick quality furniture with great fabric so that it can stand through all the seasons.

How to create the perfect outdoor living room
Beautiful looking outdoor living room

Stylish lighting

You can find various options for an outdoor living room. Lanterns and candles are popular options but you can also get some stylish chandeliers and lamps to create a mood that you will enjoy.

How to create the perfect outdoor living room
Cozy living room

Are you keen on creating the perfect outdoor living room? How will you change your home for the summer? Tell me everything!

I hope you have enjoyed this interview.

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