How to have a 007 house decor

You must confess that you’re an enigmatic person but that you adore elegancy and adventure at the same time. Who’s more enigmatic, elegant, but adventurous person you know? That’s right, the 007 double agent James Bond.




He’s a style icon since 1962! So serious but so well-aimed and intelligent, this double agent does furor among the women and even their men.

‘Spectre’ is 007’s new adventure that will be in theatres this year. 2015 will be a secret and agitated year, that’s why we decided to inspire your home decoration.

If you were ‘Bond, James Bond!’, how would you decorate your house? We have some tips. Let’s find how to have a 007 house decor!


Tom Dixon’s copper chandeliers are a great choice to achieve that elegant look that you want to your house when thinking in 007. Use it in a bedroom, kitchen or modern living room.


How to have a 007 house decor 3 How to have a 007 house decor 4

Now be shaken and stirred by DelightFULL’s new Monocles Sideboard. It may be the perfect place to keep your Martini and gin stash.

How to have a 007 house decor 5

How to have a 007 house decor 6

And don’t forget to build secret rooms and passageways.

How to have a 007 house decor 1

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