How to have fun at home-creative ideas

So, do you have a huge mansion to host all your friends and family and you need a little inspiration to make everything more fun …right?

Rest assured that, see the next images and inspire yourself to have a coolest expensive home decor.

An irresistible shower for summer days!

"Jungle Bathroom"

This bookcase with a secret passage to …

"Secret door"

A room with LEGO walls to explore creativity

"lego room"

A romantic fireplace next to a tub. 

"fire bathroom"

A large tree house! Even adults will want to “play ” …

"tree house"

A stream that flows quietly under the house

"glass floor"

This secret room downs for a mega indoor pool

A pool with home theater!!

"cinema pool"

A particular field of mini-golf , between one room and another

"kcc mini-golf"

An exclusive room for you and your friends to relax in front of a fireplace and a 50″ projection!

"cinema room"

A staircase  with a slide for the kids (okay, adults too)

"slide staircase"

A quiet corner for meditation and reflection on how good it is to have a mansion

"relax sofa"

A system for smoothly transitioning their cats…

"cats path"

These windows to make your kitchen more pleasant on hot days!

"giant kitchen windows"

Or maybe this kind of “window “?

"giant kitchen windows"

A large bath / shower / waterfall. BEAUTIFUL ! * . *

"large bath waterfall"

A sensational fourth room to unite the whole family

"fourth room"

A family sized home theater with sensational armchairs. Now that’s home theater!

"family sized home theater"

Maybe money cannot buy happiness … but money can buy amaaazing things!