How to make your bedroom comfortable and beautiful

The confortable bedroom. Some say that’s we’re the magic happens, but when it doesn’t it’s the room where you have to be in absolute comfort. It’s the room that function like your battery charger. You sleep in it, you relax in it, you play in it..and so on.

Your bedroom must be one of your house rooms where you must apply all of your decor knowledge. A boring room won’t be nice to look, won’t leave you calm and relaxed and you won’t wake up in the morning thinking “What a beautiful day”.

Home design ideas will give some tips that can turn your normal bedroom into a magical, relaxing and beautiful place.

Let’s start with an aspect that will make a bigger difference: the color.

You have to define first what you want to create: a calm and relaxed ambience or a more dramatic and vibrant mood.

To calm your room you must go for neutral and cool colors. Create a balanced pattern that won’t disturb your relaxed style. Go simple and make a room a little bit minimalistic. Less things will make your room look bigger. To inject some color choose accessories that have a nice pattern.

If you’re the kind of person that wants a dramatic and vibrant room you should go for the bright colors. Dark blue, red and even black will make your bedroom feel more cheerful. Playing with color is a good idea too. Why not a pink polka dot bedroom? Your husband might not like that idea but if you have a daughter…why not?

design bedroom ideas-Bright-Colors

Make the bed the focal point

Anything else won’t matter if your bed is a lame boring piece of furniture. In a room the bed must be the boss.  If you’re thinking of buying a new bed choose a big one with a tall headboard. A tall headboard will make a positive impact on your room.

Important tip: it doesn’t matter how great the bed looks like if it isn’t comfortable. Combine style and comfort.

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The use of light is a great manner to create a dynamic mood in your room.. Install a dimmer switch in your lights. It will make a difference. If you want a romantic and calmer ambience you can soften the lights. That’s a good recipe for love.

Use lamps on both sides of the bed just in the sufficient light to read or to do some task. It mustn’t be a bright light. Waking up in the middle of the night with strong light isn’t healthy.


Pay attention to the closets

Keep your closet under control. Organized your clothes by color and use only one type of hanger. That will make the space uniform and it will be easier to arrange.

If you want some touches try to install a closet light. That will look cool,


Everything must be scaled

Your room must have the necessary consistence to feel more comfortable. If you have a big bed you can have more and bigger objects. If your room is slam don’t crowd it with stuff. Keep it simple and scaled.

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These are just some tips that you can use to make your room  a little bit more perfect. You must plan every single one of your changes and decorate it in your own style. Have fun with it.


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