How to vintage up your kids room

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We need to educate our kids early in order to acquire a good taste in several subjects. Decor is one of them. Today we want you to learn how to stylize your kids room using vintage details. The question is “how to vintage up your kids room?”, and we are going to answer.




Old School Desks

How to vintage up your kids room 1

Remember those old school desks? That’s right, you can get one or just build one (using pallets, for instance). Paint it in white or keep the natural wood color and let your kids be happy while they’re doing their homework.


Wood Boxes

How to vintage up your kids room 2

You can use pallets as well to construct boxes or you can go into that grocery store at the neighborhood and ask for one. The owner will be nice, for sure! Those boxes will serve for clothes, books or toy’s storage and you can hang them on the wall or simply leave them in the floor. Don’t forget to paint that cool wood boxes with strong, vibrant and happy colors.




How to vintage up your kids room 3

Superheroes are importante in your kids life and it has been like this a long time now. You can print some funny images, frame them and put them into your kids bedroom wall. You can do the same with any kind of sports.


The Old School Way vs Romantic Style

Gilrs like flowered patterns, hearts and stars, and you should use and abuse of this items. For boys… You already know: superheroes, sports and adventure!

This really is a modern-vintage way to decorate, isn’t it?

Did you like this post? Now you know how to transforme your kids corner into a vintage room? We hope it has been helpful. We are sure your children will love their special bedroom.



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