Ideas and Inspirations For Your Wall Lighting

In every modern interior design project wall lighting is an important part, not only to complement the lighting scheme and turn the room brighter, but it is most important to be part of the decor as a design piece. So when starting an interiors project you have to consider wall lighting as a decorating piece, and for that we give here a selection of some inspiring ideas of wall lights for modern interiors. Have a look and get inspired!

Prism by Eva Kodouskova

ideas-and-inspirations-for-your-wall-lighting Wall Lighting

Prism wall sconce is an interior lighting fixture with sleek and simple design. It fits into residential, commercial as well as retail spaces and it is perfect to give a contemporary touch to you home interior.

265 by Flos

ideas-and-inspirations-for-your-wall-lighting Wall Lighting

This stylish wall light is perfect for a large room as it has an extendable arm. It is the perfect idea to use as a reading lamp if you do not want to use a floor lamp. Try something diferrent in you wall lighting scheme and you can have the contemporary interior project you always dreamed about.



ideas-and-inspirations-for-your-wall-lighting Wall Lighting

This is an amazing vintage lighting idea for a loft interior project. Not only provides enough light is it a creative idea to decorate the staircase.

by Gogl Architekten


In a contemporary room you have to have modern lighting. So in your home lobby you can try to use some contemporary wall lamps to give some light to the space and to complete the all interior project.

Luxlite by Designlab


Outdoor lighting is also an important part in a modern home decor project. As you have to have aesthetic wall lighing inside, that works to the outdoors too, and this kind of wall light is the best choice so you have light projected from both sides of the lamp.

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