How To Get The (Im)Perfect Messy Industrial Loft

This will get your ideas going and make you get to work with your interior design!

Enjoy the look and feel of hip downtown living with these industrial loft ideas. Exposed brick, metal, and wood elements set the scene for a city-styled industrial loft you’ll never want to leave. Read on to learn how to create a sleek and trendy, but messy vintage industrial space.


How To Get The (Im)Perfect Messy Industrial Loft

If you love the energy of city life and the feel of a reclaimed industrial space, then you’ll love what an Urban industrial decor scheme can do for your home. Urban Industrial is a decorating style that blends exposed raw elements, such as brick and metal, with a modern eclectic twist to create a warehouse-inspired space that exudes youthfulness and style. Looks like the perfect house design for us!

How To Get The (Im)Perfect Messy Industrial Loft 8

While this trend is more popular in urban areas where loft-style construction is more common, the basics of Urban Industrial can be applied to any interior design. Use these decorating ideas to create your own stylish industrial loft.

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Welcome to the Urban Industrial bedroom, a cozy yet modern nook meant for rest and relaxation. Bring the comfort to this loft-like space by focusing on where you’ll sleep. Every aspect of your bed should be inviting and uncomplicated, starting with a low-profile bed frame.

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Layer your bed with a comfortable mattress, simple and crisp white bedding, and plush throw pillows to create a sleep paradise you’ll love falling into each night. Soften the room even further by layering area rugs in your bedroom space. This trendy method will freshen up your bedroom with some much-needed texture and give it a lived-in look for your house interior.

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Your Urban Industrial living room is a laid-back, sophisticated space that’s perfect for hanging out with friends or relaxing solo on the weekend. Sticking with a neutral color scheme will allow the natural elements in the room stand out. Look for area rugs, throw pillows, and extra seating in greys, whites, and blacks.

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A tan leather sofa and ottoman are two colorful exceptions that combine rugged materials with plush comfort to help create an inviting atmosphere. Then, liven things up with lush plants and greenery to add color and another touch of nature. Does it look inviting to you?


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