Indoor Lighting for Romantic Days

You need to create a perfect Romantic Days for your lover? Just follow the next steps!

Don`t forget to think about your loved one!

Which are the movies that your soulmate like? Is he/she obsessed by sports? Or by class music? Is your task know that! Start to build your day based on that!

Food in this days is never too much!

You need some element of eating! I`m going to repeat: something to eat must be there and it should be a worry. Plan an all-out dinner and think about chocolates. Be sure that you aren`t working with any food allergies or dietary restrictions. Show your lover how you are dedicated by creating an elegant meal by yourself. After that, you should have a lot of chocolates and warm drinks. Your soulmate will love that!

The main point: create a mood!

You need to create a romantic ambiance and put your lover in a good mood. Take extra care for your appearance and create a good ambience. The illumination is an essential point. You need lamps that can be adapted by what you want to create. On the other hand you can surprised him/her with the design of your room and with your good taste. The right thing to give style to that place, are good lamps full of design. We will give some examples of indoor lighting to inspire you!

modern-home-lighting-inspired-by-the-60s Romantic Days

Best tips for a vintage decor with copper lighting Romantic Days

Best tips for a vintage decor with copper lighting Romantic Days


Vintage tripod lamps

At last, don`t forget to tell your loved one why she/he is so special!

And tcharan you can smile!

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