industrial-style-decor-ideas-for your-home

Industrial style decor ideas for your home

Hi everyone!

Today we bring you industrial revolution – a strong design movement that is here to stay. If at the height of the industrial revolution the exposed brick, duct work or pipes of factories were not the most desirable look for a home, today this is every designer inspiration.

If you are an industrial style lover, take a look at the next ideas to turn your home into a 19th century factory or barn full with style and design.


Ceiling exposedindustrial-style-decor-ideas-for your-home

For a living-room you can just enjoy the duct work and exposed beams of the ceiling. Then just add minimal decoration pieces and never forget about the white walls to enhance the industrial style.

Loft inspirationindustrial-style-decor-ideas-for your-homeIf you always wanted to live in a loft but you have a normal apartment, this is the perfect idea. You can create the same feel as a factory loft with metal beams and simple suspension lighting.

Statement lightindustrial-style-decor-ideas-for your-home

The easier way to change the feel of a room is with lighting. This beautiful chandelier adds an immediate rustic feel to a simple and modern eat-in-kitchen.

Sleek cabinetsindustrial-style-decor-ideas-for your-home

Costum steel cabinets are other nice way to have you industrial style home decoration. And if you combine them with wood floors you will have the perfect industrial mix at your home.


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Warm up with woodindustrial-style-decor-ideas-for your-home

Some people might think industrial design has to be cold and unstylish, but we know that’s not the truth. You can still have a factory style home and use wood to warn up tha space a create a statement bar in the room.

Concrete wallsindustrial-style-decor-ideas-for your-home

The easy way is to just leave concrete walls as a living space and then add some stylish decoration pieces. And plus a concrete wall always increases a room’s coll factor.

Wall of windowsindustrial-style-decor-ideas-for your-home

If you really want an industrial design in your home, factory-style windows are the perfect touch and still they do wonders for brightening an industrial space.


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