The paintings of Dana Mooney combine both elements of fine art and interior design, creating a seamless integration of something fresh, original, personal and dynamic in an interior space. To achieve this artist uses layers of product including acrylic paint, gesso, rendering markers, gold and silver leaf and often a smooth finish of epoxy resin.”

In this article  I want to  share with you a great interview with Dana Mooney  and unique photos of the her working process shoot by MAK INTERIORS.

homeinteriors_dana_mooney_ DANA MOONEY


I understand that you have a background in interior design, how did you migrate to painting and when did you decide to make it your full-time gig?

Dana: While I was working at Peridot Decorative Homewear, a retail home decor and design shop, I had the opportunity to start showing and selling some of my paintings. So it was over that 4-5 year time period that I saw my art business start to grow, and it was exciting for me to have such a positive response to my work! But it wasn’t until last January 2014 that I turned my focus 100% on my art career. It was a big life change for me, but I honestly am the happiest I’ve ever been and am so excited to see what’s next!

homeinteriors_dana_mooney_8 DANA MOONEY

homeinteriors_dana_mooney_4 DANA MOONEY


Can you give us a brief breakdown of the process behind your paintings? What is your favourite part of that process?

Basically, I paint my pieces in layers. I like to choose the color palette, lay it out and get the base down. It’s not until then that I have a bit of an idea of what direction the painting will go. After that, if it’s a birch painting, I’ll use white paint or gesso to sort of lay down the bark texture. If it’s an abstract piece, I’ll continue to paint from background to foreground, usually using softer colors and transitioning to bright or bold colors. Sometimes, I’ll finish a piece with gold leaf or epoxy resin. That’s the best part, it’s like adding glitter and making it sparkle.

homeinteriors_dana_mooney_9 DANA MOONEY



What’s next for you/what are you working on right now?

My next big adventure is the upcoming IDS West Trade Show. I’m exhibiting for the first time, and I’m super excited to see where it leads me. So right now I’m planning my booth design (I’ll be in The District Section) and as well creating new work to display at the show!





A very big THANK YOU  MAK INTERIORS and DANA MOONEY for such a great interview and amazing photos! If you’re not familiar with Dana’s work, do check out her website and of course, visit her at the upcoming IDSwest show next month.

 Photos and interview material via MaK Interiors.


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