Interview with Gerardo Pascal: one of the best architects in Mexico

Yesterday, at Hone Design Ideas, i published a fantastic interview with one of the best mexican architects and interior designers: Paola Calzada. If you missed this great interview in can read it  HERE ! Today, i’m proud to share, yet again, a very very good interview with one of the most important architects working in Mexico: Gerardo Pascal, co-founder of one of the country’s most famous and important architectural studios, Pascal Arquitectos.

The portfolio of this incredible architecture firm is vast and definitely impressive, Pascal Arquitectos has done projects of almost any kind you can think of. Their work has been featured at the best design and architectural magazines. Not only in Mexico but also overseas.

They are one of the top architecture firms!

You have to read this exclusive interview with Gerardo Pascal!

Carlos and Gerard Pascal Gerardo Pascal
Carlos and Gerard Pascal

– How and why did you get into the architecture Industry?

First I would like to point that Pascal Arquitectos was founded in 1979 by my brother Carlos and me, we are both architects and we started our company from scratch after we emigrated from Uruguay to Mexico in 1972 and after studying architecture in Mexico city.

We  worked in different architectural firms during the time at college and after finishing our career we decided to go solo once a friend of the family decided to let us do his house, after that word of mouth started our client was very happy and work started coming, there we difficult times but we love what we do and it showed through our work and we have being doing this ever since.

– How would you describe your projects? Do you have a signature touch with your designs?

We adress our

Pascal Arquitectos Gerardo Pascal
Arquitectos Gerardo Pascal

not as artists but as professionals trying to solve our client needs, We do not have a style or language , we believe every protect has its own style depending of its purpose, we just try to flow with it. That also allows us to experiment in every new project,  giving a fresh approach to it and gives us the chance to get exited in every new job. We do not want to become managers of and architectural firm, we like and want to design.

– What do you love about being an architect?

I love coming to work every day.

– Where do you draw your inspiration from?

From every where and every moment I live, music , movies, eating , traveling, and my memory, how I remember moments and places.

– What are some of your most popular projects? Tell us a bit about some of your creations and what you love about them. What’s your favorite and why?

The most popular would be Hilton Reforma, our largest and Mourning House, our smallest. Hilton Reforma was a huge project which made us change as an office and grow exponentially, but Mourning house was more emotional and dramatic and for our surprise the most awarded. they all are favorites, the moments we spent designing are as exiting in every project , it is more “the doing” that the project itself, when the project is done it is not ours anymore.

Hotel Hilton Reforma by Pascal Arquitects Gerardo Pascal
Hotel Hilton Reforma by Gerardo Pascal

– Is there anything exciting that you are working on at the moment that you can tell us about?

We are designing several condominium projects , high end residential houses, a university and also commercial developments.

– What is your favorite building in the world?

Difficult question, almost impossible to answer , there are so many and in this information age the amount of buildings we have access to see is so vast that it makes complicated to choose, but just to name some architects, Mies, Oscar Niemayer, Phillip Johnson, Palladio, Zumtor, Souto de Moura…

Residential project by Pascal Arquitectos Gerardo Pascal
Residential project by Pascal Arquitectos

– If someone gave to you the opportunity to design a space anywhere in the world and without rules what you you do?

We have not done a house in the beach , maybe on a cliff.

– Describe yourself in three words.


Pascal Arquitectos
Pascal Arquitectos

– What are your dreams and goals professionally?

Keep on doing this until I can no more.

I hope you have enjoyed this article! I want to say thanks to Gerardo Pascal!

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