Long nights with cool lighting ideas

We all know that is really difficult choose the best lighting for your houses. But today you have us- the people that will give you the coolest lighting ideas to inspire you.

Today is the day to tell you, one more time, lighting is completly important to create an ambience and to let your houses full of design. With soft colors chandeliers or lamps with amazing designs, you can surprise all your guests.
But not only guests are important, but mainly you! You need arrive to home and feel the design running in your veins, you need to breath design. It is awful we look to our house like we look to another one. We need to feel that specific house is our, we need to feel part of our home!

You know, we are always thinking about you!

The lighting is capable of change the entire vibe of a room.

Let’s see 3 good examples that have a touch of modernity. When i look at the next images i just can think in a cocktails, good music and relax. These are examples of the pieces that you need. Just see!

sinatra_unique_floor_standing_living_room_vintage_lamp_06 lighting ideas

Light Show the best of modern lamps 2 lighting ideas

Gaglardi 396 lighting ideas

These lovely lighting ideas have little details that makes all the difference.You must confess that this ideas are capable to inspire everyone.