15 Mid-Century Armchairs Ready To Take Over Your Home (1)

15 Mid-Century Armchairs Ready To Take Over Your Home

Comfortable, stylish, unique… find your next favorite mid-century armchairs here!

Nothing completes a home decor or interior design project better than an armchair, an essential part of any decor and the possibility of adding a statement element to it that will surely elevate it. Today, we help you find the special missing piece of the puzzle with this list of 15 mid-century armchairs that will surely change your life.

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An armchair that boasts modern contours, both on the slightly reclined back and on the rolled seat, Bardot is inspired by the feminine silhouette of Hollywood actresses, upholstered in velvet and features tiny tapered legs in polished brass. The key shape of the sloping armrests and the horizontal tufting make this armchair an accent piece for your living room that brings a certain sophistication that is undeniably charming.

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A comfortable wingback chair for your living room décor, inspired by the deep forest, Carver armchair uses dark walnut wood and leather as main materials, besides having a round tapered leg with polished brass feet. Such clean lines are then finished with a tight back, using a non-removable cushion. With a simple but elegant design, it’s no surprise it holds such a timeless element to it.

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An amazing armchair that is as versatile as it is stylish, perfect for any living room, home office or even hotel, Bogarde is finished in leather, a very popular fabric in the 60’s and still very trendy, and the swivel polished brass base conveys an idea of style and playfulness. Despite having all the mid-century elements, this is a modern armchair that it’s easily customizable to fit exactly what you need.

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One of the most classic pieces of the collection, Dean armchair impresses with its mid-century inspired look and incredible design. This leather upholstered armchair has a slender boxy look and curvy arms, a typical mid-century look. Its frame construction is classic, made of lacquered wood and polished brass, giving it an unmistakable characteristic of a lounge chair.

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Paying homage to great names in the Hollywood scene, Dandridge armchair looks straight out of a mid-century dream. Produced in customizable high-quality materials, it has a very natural and sleek look, that makes it a desirable mid‐century modern furniture piece.

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Doris velvet club chair exudes an elegant sophistication in your home or bar decoration, giving it a sense of retro cool style. This stylish accent chair features a solid rectangular frame with two massive brass plates on its armrests, contrasting with the draped velvet along its body. Smooth velvet, unique lines and golden details that make this piece very desirable.

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Ellen is a sophisticated armchair, featuring a modern tub design, with a mix of the contemporary and mid-century style. Built on top of a polished brass base, this accent chair is upholstered with a green lustrous velvet and its curvilinear open back contrasts with a rectangular shape on the front. Its youthful and modern design create a unique need for this armchair.

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Probably one of our most classic design pieces, Hudson never disappoints with its typical mid-century design and strong lines. The body structure is produced in solid walnut wood with metal shoes on its legs, made of polished brass. It tends to be sober thanks to its casual design, but it really stands out because of its leather upholstery.

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Grace is nothing but an outstanding piece with a moody and delicate nature that makes this an irresistible armchair. Using a rich velvet upholstery, Grace Armchair has a layered composition, combining a polished brass base with a solid back made of ebony wood.

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Inspired by the mid-century retro designs, Loren features a simple and sophisticated design, a swivel golden brass base and it is upholstered in a leather (or velvet, if you prefer). The customization option, that is inherent to many other pieces from Essential Home‘s collection, make this a piece that you can turn into your own, personalized to your tastes and needs. What more could you need?

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An enchanting piece fit for glamorous interiors with a velvet touch that make it even more luxurious than its design entails. It is fully upholstered in velvet and has a brass trim on the base, making this design as simple as it is glamorous. A feminine silhouette and a beautiful vintage design make Monroe armchair an enticing piece that you can’t forget.

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The iconic Mansfield chair is our ultimate mid-century modern masterpiece you’ll want to have in your home. Combining the velvet retro touch with the 60’s sleek lines, it is an accent barrel chair atop a sophisticated swivel polished brass base. Its iconic low-slung and crescent shape make it look like a furniture piece out of the mid-century Mad Men era.


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Romero is a lounge chair where the geometric sleek lines merge with comfort. It is inspired in the boldest side of modernism, featuring oblique armrests with a fully upholstered body in velvet. This boldness is evident in the color that contrasts with its simple and elegant design.

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Russel is an accent chair both stylish for a living room or a lounge bar chair, with futuristic lines that makes this an irresistible piece. Its crescent armrests lead to an open back, all layered over a comfy foam frame and upholstered in velvet. The base is round, produced in golden brass and can swivel 360 degrees, providing not only function and comfort but also mid-century style elements that are nothing but irresistible.

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