Mid-century modern style light fixtures

The holidays are almost here and we want to present you with the best decor suggestions. So, today we are writing you about modern chandeliers. There are so many light fixtures options in the market that sometimes it turns out to be dificult choosing the best pieces. So, today we want to suggest you the mid-century modern style. This architectural, interior, product and graphic design describes mid-20th century developments in modern design, architecture and urban development (from 1933 to 1965).

Wall art, throw pillows and lamps are some of the essencial mid-century modern decor accents. When it comes to lighting, hanging lamps are a major element of this decor style. Retro style glass spheres, cylinders, and pendants are some of the most famous details.


Cooper lighting is one of the ultimate trends and this kind of lamp has a mid-century look. Totaly. Hang them close to a neutral sofa or chair and you will get the best modern living room.

Mid-century modern style light fixtures

You can use coopers into a dining area as well. It would look just fine on top of a rustic table, just as you see at the image we choose.

Mid-century modern style light fixtures 4

If you are that conviced already in getting a mid-century modern style, but you don’t give up of your suspension chandelier with many bulbes, please, put a smile in that beautiful face because they are perfect for this type of decor.

Mid-century modern style light fixtures 3

Last but not least, sputnik chandeliers. A retro icon. This kind of ceiling light fixtures can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, dining areas or wherever you want. Get a sputnik for a modern home project.

Mid-century modern style light fixtures 5

Those are our suggestions, lovers. Hope you’re happy with our mid-century modern style light fixtures ideas.

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