Mind-bending Buildings That Will Blow You Away

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Last week everyone was crazy about that story with the color of the dress…but just forget it. Today we bring you something much better. And the whole “black and blue” or “white and gold” discussion will fall on these crazy architectural structures.

Just take a look at these selection of optical illusion buildings that we have here to share with you and you will be blown away by these mind-bending architectures, believe me!


“Cracked” Buildingmind-bending-buildings-that-will-blow-you-away

British artist Alex Chinneck‘s sculpture installation, “Take My Lightning But Don’t Steal My Thunder” in London’s Covent Garden. It looks like the building has “cracked” and one half is levitating.

Upside Down Housemind-bending-buildings-that-will-blow-you-away

Created by a Polish designer, this home is an attraction in china. It features furniture that looks like it’s suspending gravity, a sloping floor which makes guests feel truly disoriented and the visitors can walk on the ceiling of the house.

Floating Housemind-bending-buildings-that-will-blow-you-away

Created by Marcin Tomaszewski of Reform, this woodland home looks like a floating box. But when you look closer, you’ll discover that the first level of the house is made of mirror panels.

Roy Lichtenstein’s Housemind-bending-buildings-that-will-blow-you-away

Located in Washington D.C.’s National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, Roy Lichtenstein’s famed sculpture changes appears to “spin” and move inward and outward as you slowly walk around it.  See the optical illusion in action in this video. It’s amazing!

Delightfull Catalogue

Victorian Illusionmind-bending-buildings-that-will-blow-you-away

In London’s Barbican Centre you could “scale” or hang out of windows in “Dalston House”, a Victorian row house, designed by the argentine artist Leandro Erlich, But it was just an exterior façade with a mirror looming over it.

Dancing Housemind-bending-buildings-that-will-blow-you-away

Croatian-Czech architects Vlado Milunić and Frank Gehry joined to design Prague’s Dancing House, which is mostly knowned as Fred and Ginger, after the legendary dancing duo.

Sliding Housemind-bending-buildings-that-will-blow-you-away

Another design by British artist Alex Chinneck, the façade of an ordinary house in the U.K. appears as if it’s sliding to the ground. So cool!

via: Elle Decor


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