Modern Chandeliers for a Hotel’s Decor

Everybody loves hotel’s decor, full of glamour and elegance. But for interior designers to choose the right inspirations is not always easy. Every hotel has its own details and different common areas. But modern design seems to always be the best choice for a hotel decor, and in common areas lighting is very important to keep a cozy ambience. So here we present you some modern chandeliers for your hotel’s decor. Take a look and get inspired!

Neil by DelightFULL

modern chandeliers for a hotels decor Hotel's Decor

If you have a hotel with a classic design and want to be bold, you can have a modern chandelier full of glamour an elegance to had to your hotel bedroom decor.

Brubeck by DelightFULL

modern chandeliers for a hotels decor Hotel's Decor

In your hotel lobby you have to keep it simple, so you can have a copper modern chandelier combined in a bright ambience and you will have the perfect contemporary hotel lobby.

Atomic by DelightFULL

modern chandeliers for a hotels decor Hotel's Decor

In you hotel common areas like the meals room you can have an eye-catcher lighting piece like atomic in the image. This chandelier has a sophistication design like no other and is perfect for a modern hotel dinning room.


Dusit Thani Hotel by Asfour Crystal

modern chandeliers for a hotels decor Hotel's Decor

This a modern and luxury hotel lobby with a living area so it is required to have a modern chandelier to go with the decor. And this crystal modern eye-catcher chandelier has an uncommon design but fits just perfect.

Kerry Hotel by Studio N2

modern chandeliers for a hotels decor

This hotel living area has a classic but modern design and this giant rouded chandelier gives this room an elegance that is almost required for a hotel common area. And with a round modern chandelier you can get a cozy ambience.

St. Regis Aspen Resort by Lauren Rottet

modern chandeliers for a hotels decor Hotel's Decor

In a hotel lobby that has an elegant design it is required an elegant chandelier to fit in the decor. So a big crystal luxury chandelier is always the best choise.

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