modern living rooms: get patterned pillows

Let’s get some color to your living room? This is the question that I want you to answer “yeees!”.

There are simple details that can transform your boring living room (I am not saying it is, just trying to guess) into a happy place. And now you are like “what details is she talking about?”. And I’m going to scream “patterned pillows”. 🙂 Today is about modern living rooms: get patterned pillows.

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Mix different pillows, different patterns, different colors. It will match, you’ll see. The aim is to give your house a touch of modernity. Don’t be concerned only about having big ceiling lamps and a huge sofa: patterned pillows are important to your living room as well. 🙂

See our living room tips and enjoy decorating your home and turning your living room into a modern corner.


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