Modern projects: Find the best use for tall lamps

We are writing you about tall lamps again, but this time we want to give you the best suggestions on how to use them into modern spaces. What we really want is to help you finding the best use for tall lamps if you have a contemporary home.

They are especially good to big spaces, with very high ceilings, right beside the sofa or a chair. This is the perfect corner to place them. That way you wil be well illuminated when talking with your guests or just reading.

A California home décor using tall lamps 4

If you are a vintage fan, we have the perfect space for you to be inspired: wooded base and yellow lampshade. Awesome vintage floor lamp!

A California home décor using tall lamps 1

Modernity is the word to define this living room, but it isn’t the only one. The white fluffy pillow give the room a scandinavian kind of look, while the fireplace and the wooden door give it a more rustic mood. Let’s say this a totaly eclectic space and the tall vintage foot lamp it’s the perfect detail.


A California home décor using tall lamps 3 Are you a vintage lover 5

But there are so much more examples. Dining areas are a good place to put a tall floor lamp as well, just beside the table.


These are our best suggestions. ✧ Hope you love all of them, darlings!

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