Are you ready to follow the trend and decorate your home with amazing vintage pieces?

In times of digitalization, more and more people reflect the analogous times and equip their homes with amazing vintage pieces. This is our reason to give you new inspiration how you can turn your home into a modern vintage paradise.

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Shake It!

New Inspirations for a Modern Vintage Paradise

Polaroid Cameras have found their way back into our hearts. If you are lucky and you own an old model, this is the perfect time to expose it to your guests! And the best parts of the cameras are of course the pictures. Every single one is a unique piece and they are worth to put them on your wall so you can enjoy your memories every time you look at your vintage decor.

New Inspirations for a Modern Vintage Paradise

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Do it Yourself!

New Inspirations for a Modern Vintage Paradise

Do it yourself could be the topic of our next piece. Old sewing machines can be a highlight in your home. I don’t matter if you can actually use them, their look is just stunning and can give your place a feeling of an industrial home design.

Turn up the volume!

New Inspirations for a Modern Vintage Paradise

What would life be without music? Right, it would be boring. Vinyl is back on trend and as more and more artists started to publish their music on vinyl, an old record player is a must-have in every home. This modern vintage inspiration combines old technologies and new music.

Last but not Least

New Inspirations for a Modern Vintage Paradise

A piece that every vintage lover needs to have are old books. Old books can create a unique feeling with their smell and appearance. The best thing about them is that they are vintage home decorations you can get at any flee market for few money.

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We hope you liked our inspirations. Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment. Find more inspirations in the other articles of home design ideas!

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