Organize your home: get rid of the clutter

A clean looking your home, and by that I mean, a house that isn’t full of unnecessary stuff is definitely a better looking home. As “Home Design Ideas” showed you in this post (“Minimalist decor Maximum beauty”) you don’t have to get every accessory in the world to make a nice interior decoration.

But having less stuff in a room will make you have less appropriate storage right? Well…wrong. Find here some tricks and tips that you can use to organize your home, get rid of the clutter and still have a great looking room.

Do you have a drawer full of many things?

Everyone in every house has a special drawer in which we throw everything in it: it’s the “ almost junk” place. It has to stop. Go to any home store and buy something that can divide your drawers. Create organized compartments and make sure that everything as a specific spot.

You can do it all over your home. Organize the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and  living room drawers. Organization must be a common theme of your home.

organize-your-home-drawer-Organizer your homeIt’s easy to find anything in an organized drawer

Find a place for toys

If you have kids you know that toys have the skill to be everywhere. Have a special section of a room destined for them. Find a way to categorize shelves and boxes to have a specific place for every kind of toys. Use photos to label the storage places.

organize-your-home-toys-under-control  your homeKeep your kids’ toys under control

Fold and roll

You can maximize space in your clothes drawers with a fold and roll technique. This way you can fit more stuff in the drawer and you can make the logos and color of the clothes easy to see. This is perfect when you are in a rush! You’ll be able to spot your favorite shirt and be ready to go in 2 seconds.

 organize-your-home-the-roll-and-fold-technique  your homeThe fold and roll technique for your clothes

Organize the entryway

A badly organized entryway can lead to many “bad” things: lost keys, forgotten mail…and other stuff. Besides that, a messed up entry hall will look awful. Your guest won’t like it and you don’t fancy it either.

organize-your-home-make-your entryway  your homeA badly organized entryway will make your life difficult! 

Have a specific place for outwear

You need to have a place just for clothes that you may need in a hurry. You can instal hooks on the wall. Make sure that everyone in your house has its personal hook and install one or two for guests.

organize-your-outwear-clothes  your homeEasy to access and very organized outwear!

Be creative

Sometimes you have to get creative in order to find new places to store things. Do you have an empty wine rack? Do you have magazines laying around? Why not stack the magazines in the wine rack?

The space under your stairs is also empty? Do you need a place to store that box full of toys? See what you can do there and be creative. Sometimes you can find “empty” places that will do the trick.

organize-your-home-creative-storage  your homeGet creative: find storage space!

A more organized house will help to have a more practical and good looking home and will save you time cleaning and when you are in a hurry. Everything should have a specific place, especially keys and things that you need on a daily basis.

If your house is a little bit badly organized get to work this weekend. These easy tips will make a difference.


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Images: The Navy Stripe, Roomations, Holycool, Fine Home Building, Mother Earth Living