"Outstanding hidden closets you have to see"

Outstanding hidden closets you have to see

How to get the maximum storage without “steal” too many space in a room? This is the million dollar question. This is a problem that every home has (except the really big ones that have space for everything) and it needs a clever solution to be overcome. Finding and creating a clever storage solution isn’t easy and it depends, strongly, on how your home is designed. However, with a little research you can find an answer to your storage problems.Today i will share with you 5 outstanding hidden closets you have to see. If you’re looking to get the most out your space and to create a clever way to store your clothes, this article is for you!

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Outstanding hidden closet #1

Krastev Nikolova children’s bedroom closet

“A 620-square-foot New York City apartment stays organized thanks to a bank of floor-to-ceiling cabinets”. Photo by David Allee.

"Outstanding hidden closets you have to see"Krastev Nikolova children’s bedroom closet

Outstanding hidden closet #2

Prospect Heights residence stairwell

“A Prospect Heights apartment’s main stairwell, disguised as a Shaker cabinet–meets–Japanese tansu stair, houses storage for kitchen ephemera. The finish is hand-painted and accessorized with raw brass hardware”. Photo by Matthew Williams.

"Outstanding hidden closets you have to see"Prospect Heights residence stairwell

Outstanding hidden closet #3

“A deep closet offers much storage for shoes in a compact New York apartment”. Photo by Ian Allen.

"Outstanding hidden closets you have to see"Deep closet for shoes

Outstanding hidden closet #4

“A Stockholm apartment‘s built-in closets are deep and have mirrors on one side. Spotlights set flush overhead provide light and also allow the maximum amount of storage, all the way to the ceiling”. Photo by Per Magnus Persson.

"Outstanding hidden closets you have to see" Stockholm apartment’s built-in closets

Outstanding hidden closet #5

Pellecchia -Wesselman’s living room closet

“Lightweight, nontoxic Italian poplar siding covers a disappearing closet door in a Washington house. “The Seattle Opera uses it for stage sets, and the lumberyard carries a large amount of the product to outfit them,” says resident Anthony Pellecchia. Lite-Ply is about half the weight of conventional siding and can be fastened by staples.”

"Outstanding hidden closets you have to see"
“Outstanding hidden closets you have to see”

As you can see these rooms have some clever storage solutions. If you want to keep your clothes organized and to have the maximum available space in your home you must opt for a hidden closet. They ate an elegant solution for a very, very common problem!

I hope you have enjoyed this article.

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Source: Dwell