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Pantone Trends for The Year 2017

2017 is only two months away and, because of that, the veil is lifted and Pantone trends for next year are revealed. As we all know, Pantone is a world-renowned authority on color, provider of color systems and leading technology. It’s a name known worldwide as the standard language for color communication from the designer to the manufacturer, the retailer, all the way to the costumer. And, course we wouldn’t miss the opportunity of showing you the latest home design trends!


Dusted Yellow

This is one of the trending colors you should keep an eye out for. This delicate color will bring joy and optimism to any of your rooms!

pantonesetsthetrendsfor2017 color

Dusty Blue 

This one is definitely one of the most trending colors for 2017. The Dusty Blue will give your room a unique ambiance, adding personality to it. This tone can be used on walls, furniture and homeware such as cushions and all types of accessories.

pantonesetsthetrendsfor2017 pantone trends

Mineral Gray

The Mineral Grey is one of the strongest of the Pantone trends. It’s a sober and rich color – it can be seen as a statement and it certainly will be a welcome change to your decor.

pantonesetsthetrendsfor2017 mid century modern

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This Blue greenish tone will most definitely be a major trend in 2017. Confident and bold but, at the same time, fresh and lively, this color suits any home design just fine, giving it a mid-Century modern touch.

pantonesetsthetrendsfor2017 pantone trends

Pastel Pink

The pinkish tones always suitable to use in your home design ideas and, apparently, they’ll also be trending in 2017. A soft touch of elegance and femininity, it’ll give a sense of strength to any room. Match it with a beige carpet and some marble accessories to achieve the perfect ambiance!

pantonesetsthetrendsfor2017 pantone trends

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