What really is mid-century modern style?

What really is mid-century modern style? There are so many questions about this style and about how it continues being so coveted nowadays. We found an article that might answer some of that questions.


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What’s so good about mid-century design in the interiors universe? Since this style has come back that we see some of the most renowned interior designers featuring furniture and lighting designs that honor the clean and sophisticated lines from the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

What really is mid-century modern style 3

The thing is, we are now looking trough the past to get inspiration, but complementing the ideas we get with some elements from our present. Even being in this digital age of innovation and technology, we still feel nostalgic when talking about the style that Mad Men series brought back to the world and we are constantly in pursuit of that mid-century feeling.

What really is mid-century modern style 2Nowadays, even Elle Decor or Architectural Digest’s Issues are like mid-century design catalogs.

What really is mid-century modern style

This design movement started with Eames, Noguchi, Nelson and others, but thanks to what so many defines as marketing decisions, today there’s a variation of this unique style, called mid-century modern. It mixes the spirit of the past with new materials and trends.

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