INSPIRATIONS 5 Small Space Decorating Hacks

5 Small Space Decorating Hacks

Small spaces are becoming increasingly popular amongst interior design lovers, but they can be a pain to decorate. It may be a struggle to figure out how to arrange furniture, find storage and decorate small spaces, but it’s definitely worth it once you see the end result. Today, we’ve gathered 5 small space decorating hacks that will save your life when handling your studio apartment or other small space you’re working with!

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Utilize Your Bed Space

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Fifi McGee

Elevate your bed to make better use of the space underneath for storage, which can easily be concealed with some long bed covers. You can store seasonal clothing or suitcases, anything that you don’t necessarily need at the moment and can be in the way of an amazingly decorated space. Bed risers or a platform bed can work wonders in your bedroom!

Build Upwards

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When designing a small space, use vertical space to your advantage. A gallery wall or shelvings will draw the eye upward and make any space feel larger than what it actually is. You can maximize the amount you can put on your walls, either for decoration purposes or for storage. It’s a real life-saver when it comes to working with a smaller space.

Light vs Dark

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You need to play around with your color palette, choosing lighter toned furniture to brighten the space, bouncing the color and reflecting light. Darker furniture can really become a nuisance in a small space, because it tends to absorb a lot of light and turn a space with not a lot of natural light, even darker.

Add Mirrors

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Mirrors are really our best friends, especially when designing smaller spaces. It adds a reflective element that will light up your space and make it feel bigger than what it is. It will also open the space a bit more, making it feel modern and way less stuffed. Play around with a wall mirror or a large floor mirror and pair it with some stunning light toned furniture pieces.

Add greenery

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Trust us, plants are a must when it comes to small or big spaces. Adding greenery can really brighten a space, add a pleasing effect and liven up a room. The more plants the better and it will complement a lighter color palette wonderfully!

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