Spanish Interior Design Alert: Meet The Artsy Ruediger Benedikt

We all know Barcelona is a reference for Spanish Interior Design! And it’s the right place to find the iconic Ruediger Benedikt! In this article, you’ll dive inside his luxurious and artistic work… enjoy!

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“Ya desde muy pequeño me ha gustado el arte, la creación de objetos de cualquier tipo.”

“I appreciate art and creating any kind of objects since I was a kid”

These are the first words we find when Ruediger’s website. We’re sure that you will confirm it as soon as you see his glamourous, elegant and luxurious work.



Raised in Germany, Benedikt has a great international background: from Germany, he flew to the US and worked in Florida and New York. Nowadays is based in Spain, Barcelona, and is thankful for the boost on his creative work that all this experience abroad brought to him.


Benedikt is an open arms man! If you visit his website you will be immediately invited to enter his house… by the big door! This is, probably, the most special of all the projects! Take a sneak look into his own house in the previous and next images.

With an elegant design and luxurious materials, Ruediger transformed this 1890 house into a spectacular palace in the centre of Barcelona!

In this apartment, we can see a proper reflection of Benedikt’s international experience: despite the fact, several furniture was designed by him, a lot of the elements and accessories you can see around the house were bought during travels to other continents. What a comfortable museum!

In this house, the furniture, lighting and even the build elements work in pure harmony. You can find a calm and serene shelter inside the crazy hearth of Barcelona.

At the same time, Ruediger’s private residence is a 300m2 cosy and practical apartment that shows us how exclusive their projects can be and how the spaces he creates reflect the soul and dreams of the clients. He is so picky in his work that he also creates their own products…

Like a real artist he is, there is nothing impossible to him! Ruediger has his own collections of decoration and accessories that you can discover visiting his website! Take a look and get enchanted by the one and only exclusive designer of Catalunya.


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