1372221775l145038096  Spring 2015 Interior Design Ideas – wall decor 1372221775l145038096

For a really attention grabbing design, this edge-to-edge work of art provides a sculptural ‘pow’!

eve  Spring 2015 Interior Design Ideas – wall decor eve

The covering on this modern lounge wall looks as though it has been spliced to reveal a glowing underbelly, with colors that change to morph the mood of the space.

modern-elegant-bedroom-architecture-interior-white-textured-wall-panels-decoration-style-elegant-white-decoration-bedroom-textured-palatial-accent-wall-panels-wall-mounted-elegant-interior-furniture-b  Spring 2015 Interior Design Ideas – wall decor modern elegant bedroom architecture interior white textured wall panels decoration style elegant white decoration bedroom textured palatial accent wall panels wall mounted elegant interior furniture b

A cool white corrugated texture plays with light and shade in this space, as well as echoing the long horizontal composition of thin windows.

thiet-ke-phong-ngu-phong-cach-hien-dai-6  Spring 2015 Interior Design Ideas – wall decor thiet ke phong ngu phong cach hien dai 6

A blanket of rough wood block looks superb against the smooth contrast of glossy furniture materials in this space. The naturally occurring mixture of dark and light wood grain provides an undulating effect, making the wall appear to have movement in its warmth.

Wallpaper-Kamar-Tidur-Motif-Hitam-Putih-Interior-Kamar-Tidur-Luas  Spring 2015 Interior Design Ideas – wall decor Wallpaper Kamar Tidur Motif Hitam Putih Interior Kamar Tidur Luas

A monochrome backdrop makes the cherry red accessories in this room sing, and despite the busy and intricate pattern used edge to edge over this large feature wall, all of the other elements still manage to stand their ground as part of the design, thanks to a paired back palette.

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