Stop the madness!! How you shouldn’t decor your home

At Home Design Ideas you’re used to see interesting home decor tips and tricks and useful advices from the best interior designers in the world. But, from time to time i also like to share a few home decor don’ts that you must avoid when you’re trying to give a little more style into your home.

Back in a while i shared with you these articles (“Home decor mistakes: what you shouldn’t do” / “10 decorating habits you must avoid – tips by Houzz“) in which i presented some decor mistakes that are very common, and that we all (honestly) do.

Today i am going to recap some of the things you shouldn’t do when you’re decorating your place. Instead of learning how to style your house you will learn how you shouldn’t decor your home.

Read on and find out!

Decor mistake #1 – Painting the walls before choosing furnishings

It’s much harder to find furniture that matches your walls than the opposite, Take this in mind when you decide to paint your house all over again!

Decor mistake  #2 – Choosing a rug that is too small for a room

Before you buy any rug you must measure and remeasure. It’s not very pleasant to the eye see a room with a short rug!

Decor mistake #3 – Inadequately lighting a room

Lighting is one of the things that can make or break your home decor. Choose the right lamps and let the natural light in. The light in a room must be layered and from different sources.

Stop the madness: how you shouldn't decor your home
Evans vintage lamp by Delightfull

Decor mistake #4 – Decorating each room in a bubble

Every room of your home must be in sync. Create a beautiful interior design that can look great in all the corners of your cozy home. This is  important for rooms that are open to one another, such as the entertaining areas: living, dining and kitchen”

Decor mistake #5 -Not using family photos in the living spaces

It’s your home. It’s personal and that must be replicated in your decor. Don’t think is out of style or ugly to use your family photos.

Decor mistake #6 – Thinking every wall needs a piece of art

Your eye needs a place to rest. Don’t think that every wall must have something. The less clutter a living room has it will feel more comfortable and relaxed

Stop the madness: how you shouldn't decor your home
Stylish and clean living room

Decor mistake #7 – Using all matching furniture

Sometimes mixing furniture can create an astonish interior decor that you can’t replicate by using matching furniture. You room be be more interesting and you won’t get tired of the decor so fast

Decor mistake #8  – Pushing the furniture against the walls

If you put all the furniture against the wall the room will feel more like a hallway instead of a living room.

Decor mistake #9 – Buying pieces out of proportion

You must select furniture that fits in your room. Scale it. You have to plan and measure. That’s the tactic

Decor mistake #10 – Scattering collections all over the house

Everything in its place. If it’s a collection…it belongs together, not scattered all over the house.

Stop the madness: how you shouldn't decor your home
Modern and elegant living room

These are a few don’ts that you shouldn’t do when you are giving a little bit more style into your home, but remember: the most important thing is to create a space you like 🙂

Home Design Ideas” will continue to give you fantastic home design ideas. We like,as much as you, to read all about the best ideas for the home, the latest decor trends, the best interior design projects and so on.

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