10 Stunning Vintage Home Libraries

We may be in the digital age, but no technology can compare to the feeling of a really good book in your hands, and that’s why home libraries are so special. And we want to show you different kind of libraries, in distinct styles. They’re comfortable, personal, and unique. So instead of choosing public and university libraries enjoy something more personal, enjoy your own home library. They can be formal or cozy with special touches such as a fireplace, unexpected colors, a desk, or a sitting area. Here, we reunited the best home libraries for your home design ideas. Take a look!


stunning vintage home librariesstunning vintage home libraries

stunning vintage house librariesstunning vintage inside librariesstunning vintage house librariesstunning vintage home librariesstunning vintage house librariesstunning vintage house libraries

A home library will add a unqieu touch to your area. Commonly they are set in the living room, and you can make use of the space above your tv or at its side to make your own home library. You can add a few shelves or a couple bookcases and voilá! You will feel the difference in your living room‘s ambiance instantly, and it will completely amaze your guests. Choose bookshelves with a vintage tone to its wood – your living room will immediatly feel cozier and it will look beautiful.

stunning vintage inside librariesstunning vintage house libraries

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