Table Lamps Ideas for Modern Hotels


Table lamps forms a crucial aspect of creating an inviting atmosphere for an establishment like a modern hotel which entertains guests with the wide variety of services it has to offer. A hotel hence has many parts to it and each requires different hotel lighting fixtures. A hotel offers a dining area, a bar, spa and outdoor activities like swimming and sports. The lighting in each area needs to be different since the mood to be created in each area is different. The lighting fixtures need to be chosen carefully to create an environment for the guests to enjoy their stay.

There is hardly any hotel that does not use modern table lamps to light up its atmosphere. We present you now five good examples of table lamps by some of the most extravagant lighting brands.

Campari Bar by Ingo Maurer

Table-Lamps-Ideas-for-Modern-Hotels Table lamps

Ten original Campari Soda bottles, individually detachable. Plastic, metal, glass, porcelain. Above the ten original Campari Soda bottles, ice cubes made of glass reflect the light. A good example of unique lighting.

Fleurs by Art et Floritud

Table-Lamps-Ideas-for-Modern-Hotels Table lamps

The design — the different sizes of perfect and imperfect porcelain flowers, and the relationship between them — is beautifully judge.

Guns by Flos

Table-Lamps-Ideas-for-Modern-Hotels Table lamps

Table gun lamp provides direct reading and ambient lighting. Body of guns table lamp is die-cast aluminum with an overmolded polymer coating. Shade is plasticized paper. Perfect table lamp for man.

Delightfull Catalogue

Marble by Innermost

Table-Lamps-Ideas-for-Modern-Hotels Table lamps

Gathered synthetic felt shade hung over an acrylic dome. An awsome bedside table lamp for any modern hotel.

Turner by DelightFULL

Table-Lamps-Ideas-for-Modern-Hotels Table lamps

Turner table is simply a head turner. Inspired by Tina Turner’s dance moves it has an art deco shape with the possibility of rotating its arcs into the desired position so that you can create your favorite composition at any time.

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