Table Lamps Ideas for your Bedroom

There’s something that I love: staying in the warmth of the my dearly bed in beautiful bedroom with perfect table lamps. Just love it! You now that feeling when you’re sleeping, but…not sleeping? It just feels good, especially now with this chilly weather.
Oh, I can imagine you’re smile thinking it. True or not? :)

But, I know that I’ve got to get up to work in ten minutes, so what do I do? Light it up my bedside lamp. Enough light to make me awake but still resting…
And I love handmade pieces.

So let me show you a few handmade bedside table lamps:

Meola, by Delightfull
Meola Table Desk Table Lamps
Like a precious jewel, Meola is a good decorative element with a discrete size. Perfect on top of a sideboard or console. Its structure is handmade in brass, the lampshade in aluminum and the base made in foundry.

Alan, by 7Gods
Alan Table Lamp Table Lamps
Alan is an elegant table lamp thats handcrafted using leafs of pleated PVC. The organic shape with its repeating lines gives off a warm atmospheric glow.

Delightfull Catalogue

5054, by Archiplan Studio Associato

5054 Table Lamps
The 5054 light pays homage to a piece of technology that over the years has become an object of affection and familiarity. It is a retrograde project to institutionalize the old incandescent light bulb.
The bulb joins the handmade dimension of the wooden casing, with its dovetail joints, and the fabric power cable, with the technological item.

Ovalit, by Miklos Leits
Ovalit copy

Ovalit is the first of a series of stunning sculptural lamps designed by Miklos Leits, Hungarian architect-designer and hand crafted in collaboration with Pieter Kout. Ovalit is intended to enhance ambient moods through its comprehensive yet subdued light and powerful tactile materials. The form of the Ovalit derives from a thousand year old phenomena called a geode, whereby crystals form inside the cavity of sedimentary and volcanic rocks.

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